Who we are

William Solis, originally from Costa Rica, and Sarah Curtiss are San Francisco artists. Subscribe to their blog (the museum) to see all of their current projects.

How this works

Beware! Sarah Curtiss has nudes in her portfolio, so choose carefully if you can't handle walking around with naked people on your body.

Sarah Curtiss and William Solis create the art. Sarah modifies it digitally so it will be cool and happenin' on various products. She then uploads it to different services to print and mail. FlatFanny.com doesn't  have its own shopping cart. The different services have their own shopping carts, which is why if you order a shower curtain and a pair of leggings you will have to check out with different carts. One of these days Sarah may figure out how to have a shopping cart and deliver the orders to the proper printer...but maybe not. She is pretty happy she was able to create all the art and this site.

Be sure to click the click here for more  at the top of each product page to see the entire line of each item!

Who is Flat Fanny

Flat Fanny started out as a paper doll...now she is animated. Click below to be introduced.

Youtube art animation