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Zimbabwe: One Minute Geography Lesson

  • Zimbabwe has around 16 million people.

  • The capital is Harare.

  • Located in the southern part of Africa, it is landlocked and bordered by

  1. Northish: Zambia

  2. Eastish: Mozambique

  3. Southish: South Africa

  4. Westish: Botswana

  5. And it almost kisses Namibia

  • Languages: 16 official languages, including English, but most people speak Shona.

  • I love you in Shona: Ndinokuda (Dean-o-koo-dah)

Shona sculpture is absolutely fabo.

This tomato face image has no relation to Zimbabwe, but I thought it would animate well. It was originally created using India inks and is available on many products.

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