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Zambia: One Minute Geography Lesson

  • Zambia has around 17.5m people

  • The capital, Lusaka, is in the south central part of the country, where most of the people live.

  • Located in the south central of Africa it is landlocked and bordered by

  1. North: Democratic Republic of the Congo

  2. North-east: Tanzania

  3. East: Malawi

  4. South: Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia

  5. West: Angola

  • Languages: 46 individual languages, 37 of which are indigenous. English is the official language though only 2% of the people speak it as a first language. 33.5% of the people speak Bemba as a first language.

  • I love you in Bemba:

Niwe natemwa

Nalikutemwa (sg)

Nalimutemwa (pl)

I found some really cool music in Bemba. And there seems to be a lot more cool Bemba music out there so check it out.

Today my AP (Animated Professor) is a dahlia of which I have many because I go to the Dahlia Garden in Golden Gate Park every year. I have throw pillow, tote bags, shirts, scarves...etc. with my dahlias on them. Currently I am into designing flowers with blackish background which I think look pretty darn smart.

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